Chairman’s blog

The Parish Council held its most recent meeting on Wednesday 13th October. Unfortunately no members of the public attended. This is not unusual but it would be good if we did have the occasional visitor. There is no need to stay for the whole meeting as we open with a short
Thanks to all residents who responded to the last round of consultation about the Chelmsford Local Plan (the 'Preferred Option' stage).  You can see what the Parish Council said by clicking on this link. The next round of consultation has been postponed until January.  At the moment, we don't have
  We've been told by Essex Highways that the upgrade to the existing zebra crossing will be carried out on 30th October. The anti-skid surface was laid over the summer.  The work to be carried out on 30th October involves improvements to the lighting to make the crossing easier for drivers to
Broomfield Parish Council have recently adopted a decommissioned red telephone box on Angel Green in the Parish. Chairman of the Civic Amenities Committee, Cllr Tranquada said that the Council did not wish to lose the box as it is architecturally part of the old village scene and we wanted to