Political Hierarchy

Parish Council

The parish council is the most local level of government, responsible for a small area, in our case Broomfield. It looks after allotments, community buildings, open spaces, play areas, bus shelters etc (see here for full list of BPC assets).

Parish councils get funding from the precept, which is a direct tax taken as part of council tax, from and for the benefit of the parishioners. Funding may also come from developers as a mandatory payment to a local community for developments over a certain size, and grants may be applied for for worthy causes.

In terms of planning the parish council has no decision making powers, but it can influence those decision makers, especially by making a Village Design Statement (VDS)

Broomfields Parish Council is made up of 13 councillors, who are all unpaid volunteers, and a small staff. Parish councillors are elected in the event of more than 13 people standing; if it is 13 or less those standing will be returned uncontested.

District (City) Council

The district and borough councils are responsible for many of the day to day services that affect people. These duties include housing, local planning, refuse collection, street cleaning, organising elections and maintaining the electoral roll.

Chelmsford City Council has 57 councillors, elected by ward. Broomfield is part of the Broomfield and the Walthams ward, and has 3 elected councillors

County Council

The county council covers a wide area, in our case the whole of Essex. They are typically responsible for education, transport, planning, fire & safety, social care, libraries, waste management, trading standards. See more here

Essex County Council has 75 councillors elected by division. Broomfield is part of the Broomfield & Writtle division, and has one elected councillor.

The division of responsibility between City and County councils can be confusing, but this page on the CCC website should help clear it up


Broomfield is part of the Saffron Walden constituency (for now) and has 1 elected MP


Broomfield is part of the Eastern Region, and has 8 elected MEPs

City Councillors

Councillor Knight gbr.knight@chelmsford.gov.uk 01245 420045
Councillor Pontin sandra.pontin@chelmsford.gov.uk 01245 440447
Councillor Raven james.raven@chelmsford.gov.uk 07889 650339

County Councillor

John Aldridge       Tel:- (01245 421524)  Email:   john.aldridge@essex.gov.uk


The Rt. Hon. Sir Alan Haselhurst    The Old Armoury, Saffron Walden, Essex CB10 1JN


Stuart Agnew
Tim Aker
Patrick O’Flynn
Vicky Ford
Geoffrey Van Orden
Richard Howitt
David Campbell Bannerman